Extension & Outreach

Extension and Health & Safety

Extension Overview

This video outlines the role of Extension with BANR’s outreach and community engagement efforts.

Extension and outreach efforts aim to provide useful, practical and timely information to communities and stakeholder groups on all aspects of a potential beetle-kill biofuel industry in the Rockies.

Extension and Outreach

Reconciling new technology, such as biomass-to-fuel production, with local resources and social expectations can be difficult, because each community has different priorities. Our extension work will deliver results and tools developed through research and education, often in conjunction with already established programs in these communities. Extension delivery objectives include:

  • Expanding the number and diversity of audiences that are exposed to the ecological, technical, economic, and social aspects of bioenergy production from beetle-killed wood, fire hazard reduction and other forest feedstocks

  • Communicate the results of our research to landowners, resource managers and communities for application toward forest conservation and realistic investment opportunities and limitations of bioenergy utilization

  • Compile and review university and entrepreneur efforts to develop woody biomass feedstock as a bioenergy such as the technologies that Cool Planet and other biomass-to-energy conversion programs (NARA program, Carbon Geo-tek, etc.) have

  • Increase the adoption and coordination of extension delivery technology among the four states

  • Leverage existing extension delivery capacities among the participating institutions including eExtension Initiative and the wood energy Community of Interest

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