Teams Overview

Feedstock Supply

  • Integrate field plot data, remote sensing and geospatial layers to estimate feedstock supplies and produce digital feedstock atlas.

Feedstock Logistics & Processing

  • Develop cost and production models for forest operations that will guide sustainable, economic harvest of forest biomass for bioenergy

  • Establish guidelines for preparation and quality of beetle-killed wood feedstock

System Performance & Sustainability

  • Quantify ecological impacts of harvesting beetle-killed trees

  • Assess impacts of biochar amendments in managed ecosystems

  • Analyze environmental impacts in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Evaluate financial feasibility of beetle-kill and waste wood conversion

  • Assess economic, social and policy constraints; develop solutions for overcoming barriers

  • Develop web-based decision support tools to assess feedstock availability, GHG emissions, and environmental footprints for beetle-kill feedstocks


  • Promote bioenergy literacy for middle school and high school students and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students

Extension, Outreach, Health and Safety

  • Provide information to communities and stakeholder groups on all aspects of a potential beetle-kill industry in the Rockies

  • Understand and address concerns of communities regarding the health and safety aspects of biofuel and biochar production and transportation

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