Woody Chung

Woody Chung
Oregon State University

Role(s) in BANR:
Task 2 – Feedstock Logistics
Task 3 – Financial Analysis

Dr. Woodam Chung is an Associate Professor of Forest Operations in the Department of Forest Management at University of Montana. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Forestry from Seoul National University, South Korea. After working in Indonesia as an international volunteer for two years, he came to Oregon and received his Ph.D. in Forest Engineering at Oregon State University. He teaches courses and conducts research in the fields of forest management planning, forest operations and woody biomass utilization. He has developed various decision-support systems for forest transportation planning, timber harvest scheduling, forest operations planning, fuel treatments planning, and invasive species management. While closely collaborating with USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Dr. Chung and his research team at University of Montana have completed or are working on over 10 research projects related to woody biomass feedstock logistics and utilization since 2008. He is an active member of Council on Forest Engineering and has been serving International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) as Division 3 Deputy Coordinator and RG 3.04 Coordinator since 2010.

Role(s) in BANR: Co-Project Director, investigator on Task 2.1: Harvest, collection, transport and supply logistics

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