John Field

John Field
Colorado State University

Role(s) in BANR:
Task 3 – LCA
Task 3 – DSS
Project Manager

John Field is a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, as well as a member of the Paustian research group at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and a NSF IGERT fellow in the Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy program. He received his BSc at Case Western Reserve University, and worked in the private sector doing R&D on small-scale solid oxide fuel cell power systems prior to coming to CSU. John studies the greenhouse gas footprint of bioenergy production, integrating biogeochemical model results and air pollutant emissions estimates into lifecycle assessment and production cost estimation frameworks in order to determine optimal least-cost GHG mitigation strategies. He has contributed to research projects on the climate impacts and environmental sustainability of switchgrass cultivation in the Great Plains, biochar production in the Colorado Front Range, gasification of agricultural wastes in Southeast Asia, and advanced clean-burning cookstoves for use in developing countries. Additionally, he has done experimental work assessing the agronomic value of biochar, an important co-product of thermochemical conversion pathways.

Role(s) in BANR: Project Manager, investigator on Task 3 activities related to life cycle assessment (LCA) and ecosystem modeling.

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