David Chimo

Chimo_crop_picIn 2003, David graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor’s in Biology with emphases in Botany and Ecology. He later completed his Master’s Degree in Science Education from Montana State University in 2012. Studying the use of bark beetle killed trees for biofuel is consistent with David’s interest in natural resources. He worked as a field biologist on studies, which included bark beetle ecology and native/invasive plant interactions immediately upon completion of his undergraduate degree. David’s love for the Rocky Mountains led him to become an educator in Western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley at Corvallis Middle School in 2005; where he has taught 7th grade Life Science for the past several years. You can often run into him and his family on the ski hill, hiking trails, floating the river, or digging for crystals in one of the many regional granitic batholiths. David enjoys identifying wildflowers, picking huckleberries, foraging for fungi and pursuing the abundant wild game that Western Montana has to offer.

Role in BANR: Lead Teacher

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