Beth Covitt

Beth Covitt
University of Montana
Role(s) in BANR:
Task 4 – Education

Dr. Beth Covitt is a Research Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Montana. She received her PhD in Environmental Education and Conservation Psychology from the School of Natural Resources & Environment at the University of Michigan in 2004. Dr. Covitt’s research focuses on exploring how K-12 students understand systems, structures and processes at work in environmental systems. In addition, she conducts research on how individuals use science to inform environmental decision-making. Dr. Covitt is PI for the NSF-funded Reasoning Tools for Understanding Water Systems project (DRL-1020176), and has been co-leader on development of a hydrologic systems learning progression. For multiple NSF-funded projects (e.g., Culturally Relevant Ecology, Learning Progressions, and Environmental Literacy (NSF-0832173)), she has designed and conducted assessments, coordinated teacher recruitment and data collection management, developed curriculum materials, and completed analysis and research dissemination activities. Dr. Covitt has also served as program development manager for the NSF MSP The Big Sky Science Partnership (NSF-0634587), or which her work included designing and implementing science education teacher professional development and mentoring teachers in developing research-based science teaching practices.

Role in BANR: Dr. Covitt will collaborate on development and implementation of education activities for the BANR project.

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