Professional Development


The BANR project offers three types of professional development opportunities for middle and high school teachers in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. These include opportunities to be BANR Lead Teachers (LTs), Teachers in Residence (TIRs), and/or to participate in Research Experiences for Teachers (RETs).

Lead Teachers (LTs)

Currently, fourteen teachers from Colorado, Montana and Wyoming are participating as lead teachers in the BANR project. Activities undertaken by the lead teachers include the following:

Year 1: Learn about bioenergy science and societal implications, and support the development of project-wide instructional units.

Year 2: Pilot-test a project-wide instructional unit with students, and develop a place-based (e.g., bioenergy citizen science) unit extension.

Year 3: Support dissemination of BANR instructional materials.

Participation began in Summer 2014 with a teacher workshop in Fort Collins, CO. BANR lead teachers will also have the opportunity to apply for paid summer science research experiences with BANR scientists in Summer 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Teachers in Residence (TIRs)

Teachers in residence spend an academic year working on the BANR project while on sabbatical from their own middle or high school position. Michelle Bartholomew in Fort Collins, CO is the 2014-2015 BANR TIR. In her TIR position, Michelle is collaborating to develop and implement the BANR teacher professional development activities with the rest of the education team.

Research Experiences for Teachers (RETs)

Research experiences for teachers are opportunities for middle and high school teachers to engage in extended research projects with BANR scientists. RET opportunities are usually offered in the summer. Participating teachers may engage in fieldwork with a scientist, collecting and analyzing data relevant to the BANR project. At the end of the experience, teachers develop a lesson or unit, providing an opportunity to transfer their authentic research experience into classroom instruction with students. Teachers receive a stipend for participating in a RET.

For further information about BANR professional development activities, please contact:

Amanda Morrison in Colorado at

Beth Covitt in Montana at

Sylvia Parker in Wyoming at SParker@uwyo.ed

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