Inside Energy SPARK! event in Laramie (4/25)

Inside Energy and Wyoming Public Media will be hosting a SPARK! event titled “Beyond the Boom and Bust” on Monday, April 25 at the Ivinson Mansion in Laramie:

This group put on a very interesting program in Fort Collins last year, including representatives from the BANR project!

IE Questions: What Is Spark!?



2nd Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels + Co-Products Conference

Our sister project NARA (Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance) is hosting the 2nd Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels + Co-Products Conference at the Seattle Airport Marriot May 3-4.  Registration is now open:

This will be a large gathering of academics, students, teachers, government and industry representatives discussing the growing bioenergy industry in the pacific northwest.  We’re proud to have several BANR members on the agenda- hope to see you there!


NARA project Wood-to-Biofuels webinar series

Starting Oct. 13, the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) will be presenting a 5-part Wood-to-Biofuels webinar series.  Topics include:

  • Oct. 13- Estimating forest residue for biomass production
  • Oct. 14- Decision support for forest harvest residue collection
  • Oct. 19- Characterization of forest residuals for bio-jet production
  • Oct. 21- “Wood to Wake” lifecycle assessment of residual woody biomass based jet-fuel
  • Oct. 30- Long-term soil productivity and sustainability of forest harvest residue harvesting

For details & registration, go to


2-3-2015 CSU Forestry seminar

The Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship presents

Claire Griebenow
Research Associate
Colorado Forest Restoration Institute
Colorado State University

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute: Wildfire risk reduction monitoring








Tuesday, February 3rd
2:00-2:50 pm
Forestry Building, room 127

ABSTRACT: The Colorado Forest Restoration Institute has developed a statewide monitoring program to measure the effectiveness of fire hazard reduction treatments.  This approach has been implemented on non-federal lands throughout Colorado with the Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant program.  The main objective is to quantify the change in fuel hazard conditions pre- and post-treatment.  Preliminary results from some unique projects will be presented, as well as monitoring lessons learned.

All are welcome.

Mackes seminar on post-fire salvage in Colorado’s Black Forest – Oct. 29

BANR team member Kurt Mackes will be presenting a seminar this Wednesday, October 29 that may be of interest:

The Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship


Kurt Mackes

Senior Research Scientist, Colorado State Forest Service &

Associate Professor, Forest & Rangeland Stewardship Department

Colorado State University

Locating a Portable Sawmill in the Black Forest to Process Fire-Killed Timber

Wednesday, October 29th

12:00-12:50 PM

Forestry Building, room 127

ABSTRACT: The Black Forest fire burned 14,280 acres (out of 81,664 acres in the Black Forest) during June 2013. Private landowners in the burn area continue to struggle with the high cost of removing timber killed by the fire. Locating a portable sawmill in the Black Forest has been proposed to help cover the cost of removing burnt timber by utilizing it to make lumber and other value added wood products. Included in this presentation will be a discussion of the fire, the costs associated with it and current mitigation efforts. An estimate of timber volume and potential value in the burn area, along with utilization options and market development potential for lumber processed from burnt timber will also be considered. Challenges that must be overcome to locate the mill in the Black Forest will be addressed.


All are welcome.

NREL beetle-kill biofuel seminar @ CSU

Colorado State folks- note that BANR and the Sustainable Bioenergy Development Center (SBDC) are co-hosting Dr. Kristiina Iisa of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on Wednesday, October 8 from 2-3 in Lory Student Center room 386.  Dr. Iisa’s talk is titled “Production of Transportation Fuels from Mountain Pine Beetle-Killed Trees via Fast Pyrolysis” – see the abstract below or download as a pdf here.  Hope you can join us!


Oct. 2 Stakeholder Event in Moscow, ID

As part of this year’s BANR annual meeting in Moscow, ID we’ll be hosting a Stakeholder Outreach Session at 4pm on Thursday, Oct. 2 in the Palouse Room of the Best Western University Inn.  All are welcome to join us to learn more about the BANR project, and forest health and bioenergy issues in the Mountain West!  Details below (or download the flyer here).


Cool Planet’s CoolTerra product profiled in The Guardian


There’s a new article out in The Guardian that profiles Cool Planet Energy Systems and their CoolTerra biochar product:

CoolTerra was the first biochar product certified by the International Biochar Initiative (IBI), and has seen various applications in high-value crop production in California:

Napa Valley grower Eckhard Kaesekamp is very pleased with a certain group of around 20,000 grapevines he has been nurturing. Their yield has been 5% better than what he’d expected. Their root mass is greater than his other vines as well – which means they’ll hold water better. In drought-hit California, that’s gold…

Bill Camarillo, chief executive of California-based soil company Agromin, is also convinced. In four years of researching biochar, he says, he hasn’t found anyone else who “has invested time, energy, and money to use technology that can enhance biochar, no matter who makes it”.

The article also emphasizes the value of CoolTerra to the academic research community, where the wide heterogeneity of biochars produced from different manufacturers or by hand has been a great challenge for standardizing experimental work and generalizing research results.