Inside Energy SPARK! event in Laramie (4/25)

Inside Energy and Wyoming Public Media will be hosting a SPARK! event titled “Beyond the Boom and Bust” on Monday, April 25 at the Ivinson Mansion in Laramie:

This group put on a very interesting program in Fort Collins last year, including representatives from the BANR project!

IE Questions: What Is Spark!?



2nd Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels + Co-Products Conference

Our sister project NARA (Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance) is hosting the 2nd Northwest Wood-Based Biofuels + Co-Products Conference at the Seattle Airport Marriot May 3-4.  Registration is now open:

This will be a large gathering of academics, students, teachers, government and industry representatives discussing the growing bioenergy industry in the pacific northwest.  We’re proud to have several BANR members on the agenda- hope to see you there!


NARA project Wood-to-Biofuels webinar series

Starting Oct. 13, the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) will be presenting a 5-part Wood-to-Biofuels webinar series.  Topics include:

  • Oct. 13- Estimating forest residue for biomass production
  • Oct. 14- Decision support for forest harvest residue collection
  • Oct. 19- Characterization of forest residuals for bio-jet production
  • Oct. 21- “Wood to Wake” lifecycle assessment of residual woody biomass based jet-fuel
  • Oct. 30- Long-term soil productivity and sustainability of forest harvest residue harvesting

For details & registration, go to